Monday, January 26, 2009

Definition of a perfect life

What i your definition of a perfect life? Clear blue skies. Evergreen trees as far as the eye can see. Suroundings filled with caring people. Finding love and being loved in return. Music filling backgrounds. Perfect country views. A walk down a path decorated by vased flowers. Wising a loving neighbour good morning. Nice fresh air. A run down to the usual stores. A wave or 2 to the lovely people in town. A tip of a hat from Mr. Watson. A smile fom Miss Green. A joyful sound coming from the playgrounds of happy children. A simple breakfast at my favorite cafe. A trip to the flower shop to have a bouquet of flowers in hand when meeting someone i care for. A box of chocolates for a caring lady. A packet of sweets for the ever so happy kids running along witout a care in the world. A hello from the town's docter. A special hon of greeting from the patroling police men enjoying their donuts. A quick walk past the apple trees to see youths picking the ever healthy fruit. A young family with a baby in hand. A special thank you to the milk man and newspaper man for their good day's work. A filling meal at the same restaurant for lunch. A visit to dear old Mrs. Daniels for tea. A night out with friends for a grand dinner. And a trip back home to a lovely bed and a good night's rest knowing that all these wont go away the nex morning.

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